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Energy Savings Upgrades

"Green" Technology often translates into big savings especially on electricity costs. With the proper planning and implementation the consumer can pay for an entire project over time and benefit from tax breaks and rebates.

The Right Light-effective, energy-efficient lighting-can save 20 to 30 percent on a customer's electric bills. Maintenance costs are lower, because energy-efficient lighting lasts longer than traditional lighting.

We've been working on our own and with LEED Accredited Professionals for years to help design and construct energy efficient projects that meet the standards of State and Federal Energy Codes.

We can help your home, office, retail or industrial facility, achieve energy savings through the installation of;

  • Energy Saving lamps and ballasts
  • Room and area occupancy sensors
  • Programmable Electronic Time Switches
  • Ambient light switching or dimming controls
  • Stand alone or Network Integrated Automatic Lighting Control Panels

Remember, saving the Earth often means saving money too!

Protecting the Environment

Did you know? - Many fluorescent lamps are classified as hazardous waste due to their mercury content. Other examples of lamps that, when spent, are commonly classified as hazardous waste include: high-intensity discharge (HID), neon, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps.

Management and disposal by businesses of fluorescent light bulbs and other mercury-containing bulbs are regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Universal Waste Rule(UWR) and Subtitle C hazardous waste regulations.

We remove and recycle fluorescent and HID lamps and ballasts.